About the product

The SMART FRAUD DETECTION system is designed taking into account the specifics of the banking business. The core of the system is the mechanism for evaluating each transaction. Payment transactions and session events are analyzed. The analysis uses client profiles and device parameters.


The SMART FRAUD DETECTION system detects and prevents fraudulent transactions in various customer service channels:

  • RBS of retail business
  • RBS of corporate business
  • Mobile banking, SMS banking
  • Plastic card processing (issue)
  • Payment terminals, acquiring, internet acquiring
  • Operations \ requests via IVR and call center employees
  • Actions \ operations of the bank employees \ in the office
  • Transactions using instant messengers \ chatbot


  • Using a self-learning risk assessment model to analyze abnormal client behavior and automatically adapt to new threats
  • Flexible mechanism for setting up fraud detection rules
  • Ability to enrich incoming transactions with data from external sources
  • A convenient tool for analyzing and investigating incoming transactions
  • Fast Payment System Support
  • Profiling and identification of atypical actions of employees with the use of cameras and microphones


  • Use of various integration protocols: HTTP/HTTPS (JSON), TCP (ISO 8583)
  • High performance scalable solution with determined time of operation analysis
  • Operating systems used: Unix systems (Debian, RHEL, CentOS, Solaris, AIX)
  • Used databases: Oracle



Components of the SMART FRAUD DETECTION system

Transaction Processing Module:

  • Converts input data (SOAP, TCP (ISO 8583), Queues, JSON, UFEBS, SWIFT …),
  • Transactions are enriched with reference data from external sources
  • Generates a response with the recommended action in real time

Risk Assessment module:

  • Generates online risk assessment score, from 0 to 1000
  • Quickly responds to changes in the client’s behavior pattern

Rules Module:

  • Calculates parameters in memory
  • Contains sets of rules and lists for checking transactions

Smart Fraud


Rules Management Module:

  • Sets any transaction processing rules
  • Contains a large number of ready-to-use policies
  • Works with “black” and “white” lists
  • Generates rules based on historical data

Incident Investigation Module:

  • Investigates incidents
  • Reviews any events by a security officer

The Reporting Module generates an operational report


The Access Control Module automates the administrator’s workplace and configures user jobs, roles, and accesses.

Fraud monitoring in bank


Countering External Fraud

Countering External Fraud The Smart Fraud Detection system checks payments in real time, suspends or blocks those that seem suspicious.

Countering internal fraud

The Smart Fraud Detection system builds a profile of the Operator and the Client. If they behave abnormally, it issues notifications and creates incidents.

Anti-Money Laundering

The Smart Fraud Detection system monitors all operations of servicing individuals and legal entities. It is enriched with data - SPARK, Antidrop Club, stop lists. The system tracks the dependencies of operations in different business areas and in different systems of the company's IT architecture.

Product documentation

Smart Fraud Detection Documentation:

  • System installation instructions
  • Operational documentation
  • Functional characteristics