Anti-Money Laundering

The Smart Fraud Detection system monitors all operations of servicing individuals and legal entities. It is enriched with data – SPARK, Antidrop Club, stop lists. The system tracks the dependencies of operations in different business areas and in different systems of the company’s IT architecture.

SMART FRAUD DETECTION system checks the following operations:

1. Transit operations

  • Payments with a low tax burden on the incoming and outgoing flow are checked, payment assignments are tracked, and substitutions of the letters Rus/Lat are detected.
  • Incoming flows are compared with outgoing ones for the presence of VAT (incoming payments 50-70% with VAT, outgoing payments 50-70% without VAT).
  • Operations on dubious counterparties are analyzed on the incoming and outgoing flows.

2. Withdrawal of funds: transfer of funds to non-residents, the address of the Federal Bailiff Service of Russia, operations related to enforcement orders

  • 402 form is analyzed, unloading is formed for transportation services by any transport
  • Payments with a low tax burden are checked
  • Payments are analyzed by countries at risk: the Baltic countries, Hong Kong, Eastern Europe, Portugal, Spain, Finland, Switzerland, Germany. Bank jurisdictions are similar. (This list should be editable).


3. Cashing out through accounts at cash desks and ATMs, cashing out maternity capital, cashing out transactions of securities market participants

  • Operations on dubious counterparties are analyzed on the incoming flow
  • The minimum account balance is checked against the turnover at the end of the day
  • Frequent transfers to the individuals accounts are checked (more than three times a month)
  • Withdrawal operations up to 80% of the turnover are checked

4. Rolling debits and credits – money transfers to individual entrepreneur / individual entrepreneur accounts with cash withdrawal

  • On the recommendation of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, organizations are checked for analysis if there are 20-30% of transfers to individuals in debit turnover.
  • In case of payment of wages from the account of legal entities, the transfers of personal income tax are checked.
  • On the incoming and outcoming flow, transactions on dubious counterparties of the legal entities’ clients are analyzed