Countering internal fraud

The Smart Fraud Detection system builds a profile of the Operator and the Client. If they behave abnormally, it issues notifications and creates incidents.

The SMART FRAUD DETECTION system detects and monitors the behavior of employees with cameras and microphones. Profiles and identifies atypical actions. If abnormal behavior of the Operator or Client is detected, if, for example, sales have increased sharply or they occur from different IP addresses, the time of sales has changed (for example, after closing), or attempts are made to select parameters for loan approval, the system creates incidents for further investigation.

To build the profile of the Operator and the Client the SMART FRAUD DETECTION system analyzes the following types of activities:

  • Financial transactions on client accounts and internal bank accounts
  • Viewing, searching, selection of personal and financial data of the client
  • Change of personal and financial data of the client
  • Access system activations: office, cash register, cells …
  • Information about actions on the workstation and traffic
  • Bank employee behavior model
Контроль сотрудников


The SMART FRAUD DETECTION system recognizes and monitors employee behavior using cameras (photos, video data) and microphones (audio data). The system tracks the dynamics of emotions, gaze and posture, permanent authentication of the client’s face, detects the phone/camera or the presence of strangers in the camera. Based on the evaluation results, the system profiles and identifies atypical actions, and records atypical actions when performing financial transactions.

  • Working during working / non-working hours
  • Violations and types of violations.